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Partners welcome participants who are new to the treatment experience as well as those who have been to treatment before. Some outpatient participants are stepping down from a more intensive level of care, while others are just beginning in an outpatient program.

Outpatient treatment offers more flexibility than intensive treatment and allows participants to maintain work, family and personal commitments. Participants can attend sessions in the mornings or evenings and are able to pursue their personal recovery goals without explanation of a prolonged absence. Our goal is to stabilize mental, emotional and physical health and equip the participant with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to reclaim life from addiction and relapse.

Assessing treatment options and a treatment provider for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming. Our team of professionals will gather information and help you navigate the process- including assessments, referrals and obtaining approval from insurance of public funding.

Length of time in treatment depends on a variety of circumstances that are unique to the participant, however most clients remain in programming for 12 to 24 weeks. Once in our program, our clinical professionals will perform on-going assessments and provide referrals for additional service as needed.

Partners Behavioral Healthcare also serve participants who have co-occurring disorders, when both substance use and mental illness is a factor. Evidence based care for trauma, anxiety, depression and other presenting needs can be treated in conjunction with recovery.

Partners provides every participant with a certified Peer Recovery Specialist who ensures you are never alone in your treatment journey. A Peer Recovery Specialist is someone who has experience with addiction themselves and who is experiencing recovery. Peer Recovery Specialists provide an additional layer of support and assist a participant in practical and sustainable behaviors.

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